Vertical Promenade

Faisal Alangari

The idea of a Vertical Promenade in a tall tower supports the discovery of new ways of relating program activities, introducing unique spatial qualities, and creating one-of-a-kind experience of viewing the city.

The procession along the Vertical Promenade, for the visitors who choose to embark on this journey, offers a different urban experience of a continuous vertical ascent akin to hiking for spectacular views of San Francisco. The main circulation element that comprises the Vertical Promenade is a continuous staircase marked by stepped areas within a tall spatial volume and a panoramic view with the City Hall as a landmark focal point.

The promenade stair changes in size, width, and enclosure in response to program activities, such as additional POPOS and learning stations, as well as view opportunities. The continuous circulation path offers a unique urban experience as well as opportunities for exercise.